‘It’s a real knockout, the debut album of a Star’.

Juarez Fonseca (Music and Movie Critic) 


News: ANAADI has been nominated for 3 Latin Grammys. Read more.

ANAADI sounds the echoes of an urban, provoking, ethnically mixed world. “NOTURNO” is the first part of a trilogy inspired by what the artist calls three states of mind: Purgatory, Heaven and Hell. Among the 11 songs, 9 are written by ANAADI, one of them alongside the great Roberto Menescal. The other 2 are special covers of Chico Buarque’s and Nelson Cavaquinho’s songs.

Starting as a Jazz and Brazilian Music singer, ANAADI collaborated in many different projects with Jazz musicians and brazilian orchestras, performing in Music festivais and Art Expositions like “Lençóis Jazz Festival”, “Bienal do Mercosul 2018”, “Cine Ceará Movies Festival”, “Canoas Jazz Festival”, “Jazz às Pampas Festival” and “Festival Di Rio Grande do Sul a Paris”. In 2013, ANAADI became one of the most proeminent contestants of her home state in history of the TV show “The Voice Brasil”. Such a success lead ANAADI to become a weekly TV host as a local commentarist for the 2014th edition of the same TV show. As a singer and composer, ANAADI collaborated with some great artists like Rick Wakeman, Roberto Menescal and Max de Castro, and aroused admiration from names like Ivan Lins and Carlinhos Brown. In 2018, she featured iconic Brazilian composer Guinga in two songs of his next album, recorded with orchestra and soon to be released by the record label Bell’Anima. For the Movies, ANAADI wrote and produced “ARTE DAS MUSAS?”, a documentary film about Women in Music. As an actress, she played Maria Rosa in Maurice Capovilla’s “Nervos de Aço”, a musical long film inspired by the work of the great Lupicínio Rodrigues. As a Music director and composer, she made the soundtrack for “Madrepérola”, a short cut about fat women, beauty and self esteem.


With Afro, Jazz, Reggae and Samba nuances, “Noturno” translates to “Nocturne”, and is inspired by the night life, the sensuality, the half-light and the romantic atmosphere of the first Jazz Clubs. It rises from the bohemian creatures, the taverns and the hearts of those frustrated on love. And it’s dedicated to those who, even being outsiders, different or imperfect, find a way to enjoy the pleasures and delights of urban life.

“Noturno” opens whith “Intro Noturno”, promoting an atmospheric feeling that sets the way to what comes next. “Sexyantagonista” allies sensuality with women’s self-affirmation. “É Fake (Homem Barato)” draws, with slyness, the ‘Fake Man’s profile in a Samba Funk style. “Samba e Amor” stretches Chico Buarque’s song into new possibilities. The charming “Deixa de Papo” motivates a flirt shyly but corageously initiated by a woman, and the dancing duet “De Olhos Fechados” confirms a romantic relationship of the liquid times. Love, mached or unrequited, shows itself in bossa and jazz feelings in “Por Querer” and “Plano B”. Late night and it’s emotional universe get on the scene in “Jazzy”. A singing with ancestral inspiration gives new colors to brazilian’s famous samba “A Flor e o Espinho”. And to give the goodbyes, “Bye Bye, Adios, Au Revoir” merges blues and tango to create the place of inspiration that originated all the previous sounds: a cabaret .

“NOTURNO” brings Roberto Menescal, Serginho Moah, Gelson Oliveira, Jorginho do Trompete, Bebê Kramer and Samuca do Acordeón as special guests, and is produced by Leo Bracht, a crucial partner in ANAADI’s career who signs the musical production or sound engineering for artists like Yamandu Costa, Edu Martins and Dave Liebman, Guinga and Vitor Ramil.

ANAADI is now on tour with “NOTURNO”. Afterwards, it is expected the release of her already recorded second album “ILUMINAR”.

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