SONORA Trio is a Brazilian Fusion Music Group. Formed by Clovis Oliveira (Guitar), Fabricio Lemos (Bass) and Josafa Abreu (Drums), SONORA mixes elements of Popular Brazilian Music and music from the Northeastern region of Brazil (Baião, Forró Pé de Serra, Bumba Meu Boi, Samba, Bossa Nova) with Jazz, Salsa, Funk and other rhythms. The trio participated on various instrumental projects such as Music Camp, International Festival of Double Bass in São Luís - MA and Lençóis Jazz & Blues Festival of Barreirinhas - MA.

Sonora is involved in a project of the Municipal Music School in Bacabal-MA, where teaching free music classes for children, youth and adults, and inserting the music world into the most needy community. SONORA also ministers workshops throughout the North and Northeast os Brazil, bringing instrumental music to many who do not know this universe.

Currently, SONORA is releasing an Instrumental EP with authoritative tracks as well as re-readings of Brazilian Instrumental Music.